Adlitube Talks About Cyberbullying

Amirul Adli or better known as Adlitube is famous for his comedic skits on YouTube and Instagram. With more than 20 thousand followers on Instagram, he is definitely on the list of the most talked about Bruneian influencers this year. In this 2nd edition of 1001 Spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit and talk about his life as an influencer and how he dealt with cyber-bullying. 

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Hi Adli, do you consider yourself as an influencer?
I didn’t know I was an influencer until someone labelled me as one. I rather see myself as an online content creator, a comedian and probably, a vlogger?

I see. You have quite a number of followings on Instagram and YouTube. Tapi, let’s be honest, you know you cannot satisfy everybody. Have you ever received any hate comments though?
Actually, yes! Balik-balik ku kana bagi hate comments. In 2017, masa aku first time buat public video (I admit), I made a mistake. Some people got offended when I made a video pasal Bruneian stereotypes. But, some people thought atu cali. So, they didn’t really care much. Tapi for sure, that ‘first hate’ made me very emotional. People didn’t know my intention. I wanted to make the world laugh through my videos tapi some poeple judged me before even knowing me personally. Aiman Jefri, a friend of mine, helped me a lot mentally and on how to deal with hate comments professionally. I think I am immune of all the hate comments now.

But then, how are you different from the rest?
How am I different from everybody else? I think, it’s the things I post on social media. On Instagram, I constantly post funny videos – around 2 videos per week and my content is different. It’s (more towards) comedy and humor.

So, how did you overcome them?
Basically, I just ignored them and don’t react to it on social media because if I were to react, it would fuel up anger (and cause) arguments. Some people bagi durang punya opinions yang inda kana mengena. (laugh) So, I would rather diamlah saja and act like nothing happens.

Why do you think some people are vocal on social media nowadays?
People berani mengucap on social media because they know durang inda kan kana kacau physically in real life. They are hiding. But, at the same time, they don’t know yang the other person may be suffering something. So, I think it’s better to be more sensitive and considerate-lah.

Lastly, before you leave, what are your hopes for next year?
I am hoping that something extraordinary will happen in 2019 – more projects, more opportunities and more adventures, insyaAllah.

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