Inah Cheku: Her Journey So Far..

Inah Cheku was one of the two Bruneian representatives at Puteri Muslimah Asia 2018 – a beauty pageant for Muslim women held in Jakarta this year. In this interview with 1001 she talks about her pageant journey as well as her plans for 2019.

You are one of the rising influencers in Brunei right now, how did it actually start?
To be honest, I don’t actually label myself as an influencer. (laugh) I started as a model (buat small shoots with local photographers). Basically, banyak shoots biasa sajalah and I did quite a number of gigs jua. I love posting covers on Instagram too. I love to talk to my followers, socialize with them and share my opinions on many topics. Alhamdulillah, this year banyak rezeki Inah after joining Puteri Muslimah Asia 2018. So many offers and (I think), that was how I started. Social media is a part of my life now – and a job too!

Oh, yes! How was the experience on Puteri Muslimah Asia?
At first, I didn’t want to join sebab masa atu school just started. A week later, Indosiar (an Indonesian TV Channel) sent me a direct message on Instagram asking for a favor to spread the news about PMA 2018. But, they also asked for several details including my photos and videos of me doing my thing. I was shocked! A few days later, they chose me to be the representative for Brunei. But, I felt truly honoured pasal kana approach sendiri by Indosiar.

And how did you break the news to your family?
At first, my ibu macam inda percayalah sebab takut scam or something. But, I tried my best to convince her. She then tried to convince my ‘Nini Boy’ (grandfather) and then, okay tia. Approved! (laugh) Durang tekajutlah, happy and worried at the same time.

They must be proud of you! You were in the TOP 5, right?
Honestly, I didn’t expect to make it to TOP 5 sebab the rest of the girls pun banyak yang smart and talented. I was speechless! I was shaking and guess what? I remember crying backstage because I was too scared. I really cannot describe how Inah rasa masa atu. Kabak-kabak, for sure. But, alhamdulllah I made it!

We are about to leave 2018 soon, any plans for new year?
So far, I’m still not sure yet. (laugh) But, I heard my family is planning to go to Miri or KK (Kota Kinabalu). Normally, kami di rumah saja bekumpul sama family. Jarang belayar and all that.

How about next year, what are your plans?
Amin. Kalau panjang umur, I will seat for my A-level exams. Doa-doakan saja Inah. I may not be as active macam this year on social media because I know A-levels are not easy! Urghhh (laugh) But, I will try my best to attend some of the invitations, insyaAllah. But for next year, I want nothing but the best for me, my family and my friends.

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