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Movie Review: Brightburn

After a huge number of superhero movies being released into cinemas (yes, I’m talking about you Marvel Studios), Brightburn would seem like a perfect divert considering its twist on the milked subgenre. Picture Superman mixed with Stephen King’s Carrie. And while it might have sounded like a fresh and interesting concept on paper, the movie was however confined into a smaller scale scenario.

The movie builds up to so much potential but due to the brief 90 minutes runtime it’ll leave you wanting more. With that being said, the sluggish pacing was also a huge issue as it focuses a lot on the first act. Things only start to get more exciting as the second act kicks in. Horror fans need not worry though as the movie does deliver when it comes to suspense, accompanied by some seriously gruesome display of violence and blood. The mythology, origin and purpose of Brandon Breyer is coated with a sense of ambiguity but it does show the character development from what starts as an innocent “alien” child who transitions into an unstoppable killing machine. 

The performances from the main cast are somewhat decent. Elizabeth Banks does a good job as the sympathetic mother but Jackson A. Dunn shines through as the protagonist turned antagonist, Brandon who is definitely convincing as a budding psychopath who sees nothing wrong in creating chaos and destruction. 


Their take on evil Superman would have been greater had they not followed the same formula of pretty much every other creepy evil kid movies that came out before. The movie tries to be inventive but ends up being repetitive and undercooked. Brightburn will join in together with The Prodigy and Pet Sematary as the 2019 horror movies that are entertaining but sadly forgettable.

Plotline: Tori and Kyle Breyer have been wanting to have their own child. When a meteor crashes on Earth from another world, they discover a baby and decide to take care of it. The baby then grows up as Brandon who starts to show signs of superpowers but uses it for something more sinister.

Brightburn (2019)
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Rating: 5/10
Directed by David Yarovesky
Starring Elizabeth Banks, Jackson A. Dunn, David Denman, Matt L. Jones & Meredith Hagner.

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