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Movie Review: Crawl (2019)

After the sleeper hit, The Shallows was released in 2016, audiences and fans alike (especially me) were begging for more quality creature features to be made and shown on the silver screen. And as luck would have it, Hollywood listened and blessed us with the prehistoric shark movie, The Meg in 2018 and now Crawl.

Crawl comes from director Alexandre Aja, with a script written by the Rasmussen brothers, together with horror auteur Sam Raimi, who helped produce this new flick. The talented team is here to remind you that reptiles and hurricanes are equally terrifying and it makes one hell of a movie too.

Crawl is an intense and relentless survival thriller that manages to use up every minute of its brief run time with ferocious bites. The movie definitely delivers what it sets up to be and it is unsurprising as the director is no stranger to the horror genre and also the fact that he previously helmed the 2010 remake, Piranha 3D. The premise is as straightforward as it can be and with that being said, they did not hold back on the carnage. The decent CGI alligators own the sequences and when they attack, limbs will be ripped off. It’s great to see that they kept it insanely bloody and did not water this down to a PG-13 horror fare.

Kaya Scodelario gives a magnetic performance as Haley Keller and proves to the audience that she is not a helpless victim but instead a smart, strong and resourceful woman trying to help her father escape an unfortunate event. Haley’s team-up with her father, played by Barry Pepper makes her character more likable and will have you rooting for their fates till the end. The movie is packed with efficient scares and it seems to enjoy drowning the characters into a sense of hopelessness as there’s always a twist and turn, much like the movie Don’t Breathe. However, it would have been better if the cat-and-mouse game between Haley and the alligators were emphasized and more creative.


Crawl (2019) is a damn entertaining white-knuckle thriller that benefits from its rapid pace and wonderful performances. The setting and atmosphere further solidifies my fear of deep dark waters and it guarantees the fact that I will not find myself swimming any time soon. The movie deserves to be added onto the list of great and suspenseful single-location thrillers much like The Shallows (2016) and Buried (2010).

Plotline: A young woman and her father are trapped in their family home amidst a Category 5 hurricane and are hunted by alligators.

Crawl (2019)
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Directed by
Alexandre Aja
Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Ami Metcalf

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