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XOIA lancar koleksi terbaru di Bangkok

XOIA menghamparkan lebih 20 rekaan di Thai Silk International Fashon Week beberapa minggu lalu. Selain di minggu fesyen yang berlangsung pada 21 November tersebut, beberapa helaian dari koleksi berkenaan juga diperagakan di Grand Fashion Extravaganza Gala beberapa hari kemudian.

Beberapa helaian dari koleksi terbaru XOIA di Thai Silk International Fashion Week yang berlangsung di kota Bangkok. Thailand. | Gambar ehsan: XOIA

Sebanyak 15 set rekaan dihasilkan dengan menggunakan fabrik Sutera Thai manakala selebihnya menggunakan campuran pelbagai fabrik yang lain. Ayuh, ikuti perkongsian pengarah urusan dan pereka XOIA di dalam temubual eksklusif bersama kami di bawah:

Hi Atiqah! So, you were selected to represent Brunei this year. How has it been for you?
Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful and humbled for the trust and generous support from the Brunei Embassy in Bangkok. It is indeed very encouraging. Meeting successful designers from other parts of the world was absolutely inspiring and eye opening, this valuable experience has only pushed me to become a better designer.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this collection?
During this process, I was reminded of my generation and our future generation when I was on the train from Osaka to Kyoto. At that time, I have also been writing poems about our passion and patriotism to progress Brunei towards our 2035 vision. This became my main inspiration.

XOIA di Thai Silk International Fashion Week, Bangkok. | Sumber foto: Thanchanok

Therefore, the collection was essentially inspired by the message and energy of the poem that I had written for my current and future generations on being passionate, progressive and fearless in order to lead, embrace and prepare for change aimed at contributing to Brunei’s 2035 vision for socio-economic sustainability and vigor. This has inspired me through the choice of colours, designs and shapes, music, atmosphere that well represent the power of my poetry. 

“Differences in dreams and obsessions,
Generation with passion and vision,
Will make a change in course of actions.
Either we cross paths or we don’t,
Braided, we still move in one direction.”

Atiqah Ismail

Great! But, did you face any challenges throughout the whole process?
My initial challenge was working with these beautiful patterned fabrics – as my signature designs and forte has always been in minimal prints or plains; working with modern, androgynous, minimalist wear.

This was a pressure in itself as I was representing my country – I just needed to show the world our culture and tradition in my own way. So, I did just that. I got in touch with my roots and produced a combination of elegant-traditional designs and bold-modern designs.

For example, I had my own interpretation of Kebaya and MIB tops – which are typically worn by men, made for women, with a more androgynous form. The headpieces worn were actually Songkok and the music used at the runway is a XOIA original music composition which had elements of our customary gulingtangan and EDM music – especially commissioned and composed for this collection. 

Additionally, I was overseas at the time (design stage). So, a majority of the Thai silk designs were sketched in Japan. As my environment and mindset can easily influence and distract my inspiration and creative process – I had to stay grounded at all times!

Speaking of that, what do you think of the fashion industry in Brunei? Is there anything that we can learn from the event?
With the increasing number of aspiring designers in Brunei, it is important to inspire and encourage each other as well as to create a conducive and nurturing environment that can make fashion a sustainable and feasible business in Brunei and for export products.

That being said, this has been an amazing opportunity to learn more about the Thai culture and the significance of Thai silk in their culture as well as its representation of societal benevolence and pride. Perhaps, this event is something we can replicate to promote the tenunan or production of our kain songket and its unique designs and textures while stimulating interests from the current and younger generations as well as raising awareness internationally.

That is actually not a bad idea! Thanks again Atiqah for your time. Would you like to say anything to your supporters out there?
To those who have supported me both in Brunei and in Bangkok, I would like to expresses my gratitude as well as those who travelled all the way from Brunei on this important milestone. Thank you!

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