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DayaGlo: Glow in Her Name and Touch

Sultry, Elegant and Subtle – these were the words that Daya used to describe her personal make-up style.

Due to her love for simplicity and elegance, she admitted to mostly be inspired by the effortlessly alluring make-up worn by Victoria Secret models on runways. A sultry eye look, paired with a small touch of dewiness, to give a youthful and luminous glow that amplifies the natural appearance of the face.

“I always want to just glow from the inside and outside, so I thought that is actually the perfect description and signature for me. Just to glow.”

Mentioning about her concept for this edition, she said with a spark of excitement in her eyes, “I chose the concept because it’s more me.”

Certainly, Daya’s style was exquisitely glossed on the model, exuding an elegant and sweet charm.

Currently a full-time make-up artist, this sweet 26-year-old is keen to invest her energy and time to help women glow through the sweep of her brush. She was especially grateful to her husband for his constant support and help in introducing her to new people, earning her first commercial work not long after her debut as a make-up artist.

Daya confessed that being a full-time make-up artist allows her to be flexible with her time, half-jokingly said she got to wake up a bit later than necessary.

“I’m my own boss. It’s pretty nice.”

Nonetheless, she felt that it was important to establish an understanding with her clients, just as much as having a nice chemistry together.

“You have to understand what they want. That’s important for me because if you don’t meet their expectations, no matter how good you are, if they don’t like the make-up, it’s a fail,” she stated. “You also have to communicate and be courteous. So, that’s important for me-lah, as a make-up artist.”

Being consistent with your style can also be appealing. Daya added, “If you have your own signature style, you kind of attract your own target market.”

Coming from a family background of businesses, selling fabric and clothing,
Daya was no stranger to getting knee deep in the competitive world. In a small garage that was once a family owned boutique, she and her older sister, who was an aesthetician, transformed it into a humble beauty spa, called ‘Just Grace’, catering facial services and later includes make-up.

“We were discussing how we want to make it (spa) bigger. So, I had the idea, since I love make-up myself- you know what- I might as well brush up my talent,” she told us. “I do make-up while my sister does facial treatment. So, that’s how I actually started.”

Perhaps, it was unbeknownst to some, but before entering the glamour of the beauty scene, Daya was actually a singer. She belted out her voice in Kristal Kids Idol in 2007 and released a single with MNC two years later called ‘Cerita Cinta’.

“Before I even do make-up, I am a singer myself, I sing. So, I thought I need to try something new.”

With a niche in the local market, Daya has extensively gained a lot of loyal clientele and has established herself as a make-up artist known for delivering a glowy, soft glam.

Being one of the rising make-up artists, who already has a foothold in the local make-up scene, we are excited to see where her journey takes her in the future!

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