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Make-up by Hazimah’s Leap of Faith

It feels as if it is a starter pack for many make-up artists to splash their techniques on someone closer to home. Hazimah’s interest in make-up was not wholly out of the blue, but had been wedged in her heart ever since her high school days.

Having two older sisters who have been in the beauty scene for a while and was used to being their model, have helped grow her love for make-up even fonder as time progressed.

Hazimah eventually started doing make- up professionally for others in 2012. Her first actual step was a favour for a friend’s wedding that unexpectedly spiraled her into a rabbit hole of opportunities.

“She insisted on me doing her make-up,” she said about her friend. “But at the time I haven’t even thought of doing it as a business. I just tried my best and she ended up liking how it turned out.”

She then added, “I posted the picture on my Instagram and afterwards people started asking me for prices.”

Having been in the make-up business for a decent while, Hazimah learned that to be a good make-up artist, one should have the eye to know what make-up look suits best for each face.

“I understand that there are a lot of pretty make-up looks out there, but as a make-up artist, it’s impossible to copy a certain look onto a face a hundred percent. So, we need to be able to improvise and adjust with our client’s features.”

Throughout our time, she remained calm and attentive with us, even when she disclosed some of her difficulties being in this business. This one in particular was quite a delicate enquiry, but she ended up sharing a couple of anecdotes of her personal experiences.

Although most are good memories, there are some bad trips down the road that stood out to her the most.

As a self-taught make-up artist, this seemed to be an issue to some people, according to her. “I had people judging and questioning my ability just because I’m not a certified make-up artist.”

Such blatant criticism shocked us but Hazimah merely chuckled softly at the memory. “(They said it) to my face,” she told us again. It happened only once but it burned in her mind and still etched like an old scar.

It is known to her clients that Hazimah’s repertoire lies more on the minimalistic and soft make-up look, deriving her inspiration from Malaysian make-up experts such as Nad Ismail.

“I don’t like to transform but I like to enhance,” she described her touch and
for this alone has caused some disagreements amongst her clients’ family.

“There were times I felt demotivated, not by the bride, but by some of the family members,” she cautiously stated. “There were some, especially elders, who didn’t understand minimalist and natural make-up.”

She explained that they perceived the look as not lively enough for a wedding. But, of course, she learned to remain firm in her own style despite the reproval and learned to acclimate under unfavourable moments.

She stated, “Most of the time I just listen. I deal with the bride and know that there’s a reason why she hired me in the first place. I should stick to what she wants and what I can do.”

Her trademark style is both radiant and sweet, urging most of us to appreciate one’s natural beauty. It is not to say that she does not endeavor looks that are out of the box.

Her concept for this edition is an epitome of what she is capable of, not just making a bride feel gorgeous on her wedding day, but also able to do a look that elicits a delicate wildness. The smoky eye look sharpens the model’s features; a style outside her norm.

Aside from working with Kern & Hani, her brush has caressed the face of Ezah Hashim for the ninth edition of 1001 Magazine as one of her first editorial works.

Since editorial shoots demand a different kind of aesthetic, Hazimah has been burning the midnight oil to get the essence of it. She admitted it was a little foreign to her but was ready to explore and discover her potential.

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