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Bilang Unveils Minimal Pieces for the Raya Season

In just about a month time, Muslims around the world will mark the start of Ramadhan – which hints that Hari Raya is just around the corner. Time seems to fly faster in the era of The New Normal!

Over the past couple of weeks, fashion brands have started to launch their Raya or Eid collections and it is no exception here in Brunei, where the fashion and creative scenes are flourishing amidst the pandemic.

Bilang is a new label by Zulhelmi Kamaluddin and Fikri Afif, the duo stylists who are no stranger to the local fashion scene.

The name ‘Bilang’ originates from the word ‘every’ in Brunei Malay; just like the terms ‘bilang urang’, ‘bilang hari’ and ‘bilang macam’ which translate as everyone, every day and variety in English. These are the core elements of the Bilang brand.

“When we first started to do styling for 1001, we promised to ourselves not to dive into fashion design, that we would just stick to styling. But, we are usually very particular with what we want. When we style our clients for photoshoots or TV shows, sometimes it’s hard for us to find outfits that fit the style or look that we wanted. Eventually, we started designing custom pieces for our clients instead,” said Fikri Afif, the co-founder of the brand.

“Along the way, I think, we have slowly developed our own DNA or signature in both styling and design.”

“We love being minimal yet bold – unafraid to be different. That is what Bilang is all about – subtle and elegant yet quirky. However, for this Raya season, we are still committed to offering women with something minimal and comfortable,” shared Zulhelmi Kamaluddin.

“So far, we are very happy that the response has been very encouraging. In fact, one of the looks is already sold out! But, of course, we would love to hear from our customers too. We definitely welcome feedbacks,” he added.

Dubbed as ‘Bilang Eid 2021’, the capsule Raya collection that was launch in mid-February, comes in 5 versatile looks that can be worn for different occasions and allows the wearer to experiment with their own personal style. For more updates, follow the brand’s official Instagram account, @bybilang and you may stand a chance to enjoy to 10% off!

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